About Qatar
Qatar is one of the safest places in the world. Both visitors and residents have the opportunity to experience the welcoming and friendly nature of Arab culture. Like anywhere else, respecting local traditions and practices allows you to enjoy the true essence of the host country, giving you a better travel experience.

Tourist visas are available on entry for citizens of 33 countries. The cost of visa for a month is QR100 per person, and an additional QR50 per companion registered on your visa.
Tourist entry visa is available on arrival for residents of the GCC states.
You can also apply for a joint tourist visa for Qatar and Oman.
Business Visa: You can avail two types of business visa. A 72-hour visa on arrival, and one you have to apply in advance and can be extended.
Family Visit Visa: Expatriates with family status can sponsor parents and siblings for a visit of up to six months.

Postal services in Qatar are managed by Q-Post. Postal services offered include regular letters and parcel postage, along with bill payments and money transfer.
There are over 200 post boxes around the country, including a few in prominent tourist destinations like Katara and the museums.

The Qatari riyal, denoted by QAR, is the official currency of Qatar. Divided into 100 dirham. Banknotes are denominated in 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, and 500 riyals, while coins are denominated in 25 and 50 dirham. Since 1980, the riyal has been fixed against the U.S. Dollar at a ratio of about 3.65 to 1.

Arabic is the official and main language, but English is widely spoken in every part of the country. Despite the fact that most Qatari people speak fluently English, they feel honored to see their guests speaking a few words in Arabic.

Qatar Tourism
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